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.biz.ki Domain Registration

Register your Kiribatian .biz.ki domain name with us today!

.biz.ki Kiribati
 Kiribati Flag
Hosting Services

Register your Kiribatian domain name with domainsrus.net today and take advantage of savings for multi-year registrations. read about the pricing, registration requirements, and registration timeframe for .biz.ki below.

This domain is not available to the public for registration

Domain Registration Fees
1 Year 229.99 USD
2 Years 459.98 USD
3 Years 689.97 USD
4 Years 919.96 USD
Registration Requirements

Application for a ".ki" domain states that it should not be used to publish any material deemed not suitable for children, so as to create a "safe harbor" or "greenspace" on the Internet for children that will restrict content relating to violence, pornography, tobacco, hate speech, illegal drugs and alcohol as defined by the laws of the Republic of Kiribati. Important: you will be sent an email and must click on the link to confirm before domain will be activated for use.

Estimated Time to Register


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